How can I finally be cured when I stop detecting disabled diseases?

How can I finally be cured when I stop detecting disabled diseases?

Forty seems strangely familiar. Because I spent thirteen years with a mysterious disease similar to a large-sized virus. It started with a cold on a flight back from Asia in 2005.

How can I finally be cured when I stop detecting disabled diseases?,Reducing Chronic Disease and Disabilig,6 Prevention of Disability Associated with Chronic Diseases and again

My nose was an open call and my head looked like a cumulus cloud outside my window. When I got back to San Diego, I was so weak and tired that I could only get out of bed. My brain or body were on fire.

I can’t concentrate or remember the names of colleagues. Although I had been able to sleep in action movies and travel vehicles before, I was suddenly very hungry. I am always tired and exhausted.

I have put a lot of effort into re-launching my profession as an audiovisual journalist. But can't show a good reporter for the evening news? Eventually I lost my career and life, I loved myself and returned to the country.

Well, before the different sounds on the television screen spread, I started living within my own four walls. I set off for a trip to the grocery store though.

Doctors have diagnosed me with severe fatigue syndrome. Uncontrollable, incapable, frustrated. Labs have shown high levels of Epstein-Barr and other obscure viruses.

Experts live with bad mitochondria or bad genetics. Their relate diagnose are: fibromyalgia, post-viral syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, Candida overgrowth, adrenal fatigue, interstitial cystitis and  more.

They put weight on my face. I fell in love with a unknown person.

At the beginning of my career, at forty-five, waiting for my own family, I became homeless. My little energy was sought to heal, to fight against the cost of health insurance, and to protect my home from predictions.

There was an endless commercial break in my life as a TV reporter. Then the dead wind. I’ve been stuck in this mess for years, trying everything from a fourth antiviral to a fuel remedy.

I discover the best experts in CFS / M. Also, Tibetan and Chinese physicians, shamans and healers. I rewrote the push and tried to escape with the anime.

Diets, supplements or ations aren’t the same - nothing was moving too high on the index above my symptoms. Some made the situation worse.

After more than a decade of high expectations - and finally, a pipe smoker who billed me 200 to tell me about my cat - I gave up all hope that someone else could heal me and give me an easy and minimal reduction. Not that I gave up fitness. I have stopped using the offices and smoking rooms of lifeless doctors.

It gave me the freedom to raise crow or hawks, read poetry or write my own poems. I was overwhelmed to hear the word Rumi, Rilke or Eckert Toll. I will practice, sing Sanskrit, take short steps and expand into areas of rehabilitation yoga.

When it felt like we were emotionally lacking petrol I thought nothing had happened on earth. I was waiting to receive something from him. A calm, content mind changed my busy life.

There was an internal connection with the living world. Something magical happened from this messy and real situation of surrender: I was healed.

Through an online writing course, I met a woman cured by CFS. Kathy told me her story and listened to my story. He told me how he did it and I was immediately forgiven.

I was tied to the bed and ran around the block. Sometimes!

How can words disappear at the point of my symptoms? Kathy Dr. John Sarno introduced me to the little known but described the work of groundbreaking. Late doctors at New York University Medical Center have helped thousands of patients concentrate on the onset of their symptoms due to severe symptoms, fatigue, headaches and other stress-related conditions: The stress response causes the brain to be stressed due to intense emotion.

I only heard the truth which made me understand my symptoms. These are physical manifestations of stress and trauma, not different from PTSD.

How can I finally be cured when I stop detecting disabled diseases?,Reducing Chronic Disease and Disabilig,6 Prevention of Disability Associated with Chronic Diseases and again

Ifelt them in my body, but the reaso was in my mind. It explains why the senses rotate, come, and change in intensity. Tissue damage does not work that way.

If you walk on a broken leg, it doesn’t suddenly stop your injury. If you have a tumor

My nervous system was trying to warn me from danger. He was stuck in battle, plane, or fridge mode. Like a broken record with a deep wrist, my brain learned signs of pain and fatigue.

However, the brain is neoplastic. I can run again to feel better! Hope fills me up like a spoonful of medicine.

The following year I re-trained my brain in interesting ways. It had a lot to do with the damage: the food doctors told me not to eat, the activities they warned me not to do, it reminded me of the initial trauma and all the dominoes.

I began to feel the sensations of my own body with curiosity, while being reminded to keep myself safe. I speak in my mind like a timid child, with kindness and faith.

“I know you caused this symptom but they are not dangerous for you. There is nothing wrong with my body. I'm not sick, I'm flexible and strong! "

It may sound like UU, but the reflection shows that self-assurance activates the prefrontal cortex more rationally than the reactive amygdala. You could say I grew up in a room with Scottish children or destructive parents.

Then I started challenging my triggers, doing things as the cause of the symptoms. With fatigue, pain and frustration I brought the baby back to earth. Slowly but surely they calmed down.

It worked! I was training my brain.

I started to feel my emotions, I suppressed them instead of my life. I mourn the loss of my career, the years of growing up kids, the loss of the ability to climb a mountain or the feeling of feeling good about myself.

After years of freezing, I begin to melt. There were tears of sorrow, shame and anger. I wrote (and did not send) an angry letter. I started to tell myself that it was okay to feel what I was feeling (and stop long enough for it to happen).

It took me thirteen years to realize that getting better doesn't happen in a corrupt state. We must regain our strength. Despite the evidence to the contrary, we must believe in our resilience.

We need to connect with the part that is already good and continue to draw our attention to it. It can be attached to our little finger, to the power of our body or to something. We should not listen to those who tell us that we are sick and healed.

When someone says there is no cure, we come to the conclusion that they have no answer and they move on. We don't listen to those who scare us or think we are small. We are looking for something that makes us brave and optimistic.

As we believe in ourselves and our inner intellect, we begin to be safe and empowered. It works wonders for our nervous system, it works wonders for all the other systems in our body.

Modern medicine provides life-saving therapies for serious illnesses such as infections, tumors, blood diseases and tissue damage that can be repaired. My dear mother is living after thirty years of fighting advanced cases of ovarian cancer for the medicine obtained from the tilak tree of the Pacific Ocean.

However, allopathy has very little success with stress-related symptoms such as chronic back pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr Sarno said he did not recognize them as physical manifestations of stress.

There is little scientific evidence that viruses cause severe fatigue syndrome. I rely on doctors with small studies and their own good estimates. Of course, I would be very happy if I could work with their treatment.

But even then, I didn’t find the joy of healing, which I now see as a life skill. This is a self-written recipe for a more authentic and approving experience.

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