When do you think you are not worried about your weight?

When do you think you are not worried about your weight?

Remember the little girl (or boy) in you? The baby felt like running, jumping, dancing, laughing everywhere and everywhere - he was too big, too big, too big before anyone told him to be embarrassed.

When do you think you are not worried about your weight?,Stop Worrying About Your Weight,How Do You Stop Constantly Worrying About Weight

The kid who didn’t even know what the scale was until someone told him the wrong size.

The child who had just eaten - at first gave them a long list of "bad" foods and scared them with food and confidence.

After more than two decades of fighting over food and my body, I’ve reconnected over the past four years and spent time relying on my little girl. And it was great. The little girl in me was taught to suck chicken, to lift the shine, to hide its flaws, to ignore the hunger barrier inside her or to endure horrible pain all over her heels because beauty is pain and the only thin sheet.

"How we should feel - we should focus on what we feel and how we feel about ourselves." Hello Michelle Obama

We are born into the body we like. That body attracted us. We learned to run, jump, and dance, thinking about how we saw it.

Our relationship with food and our bodies was simple, pleasant and magical.

We are born with a body that knows how to eat. They know what they need when they need it. They know what makes them feel good and what they don’t and they want to move on and feel better.

They also equip all kinds of built-in features designed to communicate with us so that we can hear their signals.

But over time, that is likely to change. We hear people joking about gaining weight. We hear people around us talking about being fat, losing weight or being self-critical. We are being warned against "bad" food - "Be careful, if you eat it you will have fat," as if we should be afraid of it.

And depending on the food we choose every day, we are told whether we are good or bad.

We begin to see ourselves and our bodies with criticism. We begin to learn to eat this food and we begin to learn to be numb - to ignore the messages we receive from our bodies.

Our little ones are confused. They became calm and pure. We stop trusting them and in the end we forget them.

Suddenly the wonder and joy we found in the mirror was replaced by feelings of hatred, faith and shame. We feel frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed.

Instead of realizing and being amazed at the bodies in which we are born, we waste endless decades of self-criticism (and physically) looking for extroverted solutions and ending them all.

Because we are taught. Worst of all, it’s usually called “health”.

Like you, I grew up in a society where I found certain ways to look, eat, live and live well and everything was bad.

These messages became devastating for me as a teenager, when I read my first diet book and started my first attempt to lose weight, stay healthy and eat healthy.

I was already quite short, but every time I looked at myself in the mirror I saw a picture that I hated because no matter how tall I was, I was never short.

This horrible Atkins book was my life before and after me. I just ate before the book.

Every time I ate my favorite chocolate bar or a piece of toast after the book, I was upset and worried about growing up.

Over time, every time I ate something, the offender was embarrassed, trying to “stick” to other people’s rules about what I should eat “to fail and gain weight” to get better.

My inner world was full of current worries: I must stay healthy by combining my work. I need to control this weight.

I will start and stop a new “weight loss” or “fitness trail” every two months. I swear it will be different this time because this time I had the perfect plan, the perfect goal. This time I will be tough. I'm fine this time. This time I am going to work harder to be inspired to stick with it.

It didn’t last very long. I'll always be "bad", I'll just lose "inspiration" to get rid of worse feelings, "fall from the wagon"

We pray for the day when we finally lose weight and all our problems are over, the day we can finally stand in front of the mirror and realize what our condition is - before the world gives up our bodies. . We had a problem to solve and we were given a thousand different "solutions" that would only make it worse.

And we’ve taught you the solution to sticking to your goals. They live successfully. They are linked. Decrease. Pain is hard work. More discipline. More inspiration.

If we have that weight, food, water, lifting, run time / distance, step goal (and we stick with it), we will be happy and healthy then we will live a "good" life.

So we try. Most of us have spent our whole lives trying and failing and trying again.

Which part is healthier?

But our population is programmed for health and wellness. To achieve the goal or see visible progress with a mirror, ladder or anything else it needs to be achieved.

But human health and wellness has never been about achieving or setting goals. It’s not the result of how much you can limit or deprive yourself, how much you can lose or how much you work.

It is an instantaneous measure of our physical and mental condition, and it constantly changes based on a variety of factors - only a few depend on us and none of them have or need to relate to us. Thighs or whatever the scale says.

Yet these things can damage our mood, our inner peace, our feelings, and the way we think we are human or capable.

Forget how we feel and what we need - just be beautiful. Be successful. Follow the rules, hit the targets, look good.

Less than 5% of people will “succeed” in the whole “weight loss / fitness journey” and since I was one of them, I have to ask: How do you define success? At what cost are we "successful"?

Yes Al that sounds sweet crap me, Looks like BT aint for me . At the end of the day I had everyone who spent their lives following all the diets, lifestyle changes, fitness trailer efforts, etc.

Was I happy to be a better person? Healthy? No.

Of course, I saw it. I have been praised for my inspirational beauty, hard work, "discipline" and "self-control". My Instagram account was #fitspo and before and after the paperwork. I regularly had questions from desperate followers about #public opinion and how they could achieve the same "success"

When do you think you are not worried about your weight?,Stop Worrying About Your Weight,How Do You Stop Constantly Worrying About Weight

But really? It destroyed me mentally and physically.

Even after losing weight my life still revolves around a civil war in which I think whether I’m “eating” “good” or “progressing” or hell, even trying to keep up with the progress I’m making is ‘done’. Because until then I used food to manage everything. And because of achieving goals, forcing “lifestyle changes” and weight loss success does not magically solve such eating problems or self-destructive and self-destructive behaviors.

I ate so many deadly foods with bulimia and beetroot that I slept many nights for fear of drowning in my sleep because I got sick from eating it.

But at least I was celebrating my “weight loss success” every day. At least I did not go down without explai myself All right?

These are all very toxic.

Because we were taught something

Because instead of self-confidence, kindness and compassion, we are taught rules and restrictions, hard work, self-control and “always success” while ignoring the underlying factors অবি uninterrupted weight and food struggle.

Forget what we are feeling. Forget what we need When we try to communicate we forget the signals we receive from our bodies. Don't listen to them.

Just do and do what others tell us to do.

We are so caught up in the tendency to control it that we don’t realize how much it hurts us, how much it costs our lives, or what these emotions and all these messages are doing to our health, to our good. And peace of mind.

We are not believing and speculating about our bodies, but wasting decades trying to reject and fight them.

  • Why? For health? Prosperity? Feeling good about yourself? Since everyone else does, what do we think we should do?
  • We wonder why we are fighting so hard to be completely disconnected not only from ourselves, but from our own bodies and even during war?

Regardless of its weight, your body can and should feel sitting at home. She should be safe, loving, calm and focused. It is very difficult to get there if you continue to fight.

Taking care of yourself and your body should never be associated with work, punishment, pain or anything that requires motivation, discipline or even a lifestyle change.

What do you think determines your lifestyle? Your daily choices

And what determines your daily preferences? Your programming

It is the way you think, believe and behave. Many of you have evolved and become so wired of your life in your brain that you are driving an autopilot.

This is why they are so difficult to change and it may seem that we have no control over them - because if we do not work actively to change them we will have no control over them.

We are going through a trend in life that repeats the same thoughts and behaviors day after day. If for some reason we are not happy where we are, that is what needs to change. Change what’s going on inside and read the outside.

The biggest tragedy of all time is that all the voices outside have stopped believing in us, we have the ability to follow what is eaten and we have the ability to follow it, and often even within humans.

These affect our choices because we believe we deserve to be treated.

Really, many of us need to feel better, don't we? We want to feel good

The external mechanisms of success make us feel that we are doing something right, whether we are climbing or dying.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean life on your skin should be easier, improved and more advanced.

It's time to dump her and move on to fitness goals, lifestyle changes and fitness trips in a few months. It doesn't work.

  • Exclude dietary rules and restrictions.
  • Find plans, goals, and to-do lists.
  • Shallow lack, hardship and struggle struggle
  • Fear and faith digging.
  • Trade them for love. For self-approval. Good self. Please. Sensitivity

Get to know yourself so you can begin to understand what is going on inside. It can keep you stuck in patterns that don’t give you. The power is here.

Start looking for the path that the little kid felt like a superhero before the world taught him (or her) to live with fear, doubt, achievement and purpose.

Give up all the things you should have and start reconnecting with yourself and your body.

  • Stop and be careful. Do you feel and feel physically? Where do you feel he is trying to tell you?
  • Put your hand on your heart and try to breathe.
  • Ask yourself, "What do I really want right now? What do I need?"
  • Tell yourself and your body: "I love you and I listen to you."

Pay attention to how you feel physically and mentally before and after eating. Before you get to the point where you feel bad, ask yourself, "Why do I want this?" Is your body physically hungry or is this stupid and uneducated behavior?

Ask yourself, "What do I want to feel if I eat it? If you say to yourself, 'I don't care', catch yourself, why ask yourself? Are you intentionally eating something that makes you feel bad?"

When I started asking myself these questions I realized that I was doing it on purpose because I didn’t believe I deserved to feel good. This was very useful information because then I was able to start the practice of empathy and discover why I was punishing myself and finally I gave up.

We are born with an instinct to learn how to eat easily, but most of what we eat and experience in adolescence is learning behavior.

The beauty of known behavior is that if they do not serve us, we can learn to change them, but it is not a goal or an obstacle, it begins with awareness and kindness

The more you love and respect yourself and your body, the more you will feel at home and connected. The more connected you are and the more you feel at home, the more your body will hear because it tells you what you need and what you need.

You will recognize and believe the signs of hunger and perfection. You can recognize emotions and deal with them easily without always being careless or stuffed. You will naturally start to feel the pressure to walk in a way that makes your body feel better, because you will hear when you ask your body.

The farther you stay away from this place of love, faith and communication, the more you will be at peace and your body will begin to heal naturally.

This is when health and well-being become truly prosperous.

You no longer need to lose or lose weight; All you need to get back to this place is love and faith.

The little kid I mentioned earlier? This baby loves you, trusts you and knows who you are and who you deserve.

This baby is still in you and you need each other.








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